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Accounting, Company, & Trust Services

HKSAR Government Licensed Trust & Company Services Provider


Personal and personal business tax

Self Assessments, Capital Gains Reporting, Inheritance Planning, ​Estate Planning, Estate Acquisition Planning, Estate Inheritence Planning, Pension Allowances Tracking and Tracking, Witholding Tax Tracking and Management.


Company and audit management, including for foreign owners and directors

Automatic and guided assortment and apportionment of mixed business and personal transactions from personal and business accounts.




Shared interest accounts that accommodate consideration of personal circumstances for each partner.​

Private Companies Limited by shares

Adaptable financial and management accounting systems, including for changes in counterparty and credit account management, and accounting policies and procedures.

Company secretary, formation, and administrative management.


Reliably outsource administration for international holdings, including in the UK, Australia, and Hong Kong.​

Click here to see more information about Hong Kong company formation and management.

Click here to see more information about UK company formation and management.

Charities, trusts, and companies limited by guarantee

Including transferor, beneficiary, trustee, membership and shareholder management and systems.

PLC Public Limited Companies

Including transition from private limited company operations to public limited company operations.



The above services can be supplemented and supported with standard HKD 35.00 per ledger entry services for accounting and HKD 100.00 document amendment or creation services.

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