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Accounting, Company, & Trust Services


Personal tax

Self Assessments, Capital Gains Reporting, Inheritance Planning, ​Estate Planning, Estate Acquisition Planning, Estate Inheritence Planning, Pension Allowances Tracking and Tracking, Witholding Tax Tracking and Management.


Sole Traders

Automatic and guided assortment and apportionment of mixed business and personal transactions from personal and business accounts.




Shared interest accounts that accommodate consideration of personal circumstances for each partner.​

Ltd Private Companies Limited by shares

Adaptable financial and management accounting systems, including for changes in counterparty and credit account management, and accounting policies and procedures.

Company secretary, formation, and administrative management.


Reliably outsource administration for international holdings, including in the UK, Australia, and Hong Kong.​

Charities, and companies limited by guarantee

VAT discounting, membership and shareholder management and systems.

PLC Public Limited Companies

Including transition from private limited company operations to public limited company operations.

Functional Tax Agent Services

CIS Construction Industry Agent


CT Corporation Tax Agent

MGD Machine Games Duty Agent

PAYE Pay As You Earn Agent

SA Self Assessment Agent

SD Stamp Duty Agent

VAT Value Added Tax Agent


Accounting & Bookkeeping (including pricing)

The above services are supported by standard £1.75 per ledger entry charges for bookkeeping and accounting.

These charges are deducted from your balance and your balance is normally topped up monthly from a regular stable payment.

Where charges require lower payments, your payments will gradually be reduced automatically. Where charges require higher payments than you have previously authorised, your explicitly confirmation and permission must be signed for, otherwise additional payments will not apply and your account will be throttled at the maximum level you have authorised.

Add-on services (including pricing)*


- Penalty refund request to Companies House or HMRC £0.00

(In most circumstances, you need to pay a penalty before a cancellation can be requested)

(HMRC are currently, even in some simple cases, taking multiple months to process and respond to requests)

- CIS statement request from HMRC £9.99

Calls & emails

- With customers, including accounting advice £0.00

Company Secretary

- Whether publicly registered, or just assisting £9.99 per month or £99.99 per year

Data extraction

- From accounts, including email, banking, and supplier portals £0.00


- Document creation or correction for accounting purposes £4.75

- Digital, received by email, upload, or whatsapp £0.00

- Scanning, received by post £0.00


- Payment made or scheduled on your behalf, from your account £4.75

- Direct debit or standing order setup, amendment, or cancellation, on your behalf, from your account £4.75

Preparations & Submissions

- Accounts to Companies House £99.99

- Annual Return to Companies House £9.99 if no changes, £99.99 if changes

- CIS per active subcontractor or no return required confirmation £9.99

- CT Corporate Tax return to HMRC £99.99

- PAYE per active employee or no return required confirmation £9.99

- P11D £24.99

- P11D(b) £24.99

- SA Self Assessment to HMRC £99.99

- VAT Value Added Tax return to HMRC £99.99

Registrations & De-registrations

- Agent registration with HMRC, including for the 'Functional Tax Agent Services' mentioned above £0.00

- Government gateway account linked to HMRC for an individual / self employment / company £24.99

- National Insurance £99.99

- Self Assessment £24.99 per period (normally automatic and unnecessary after an initial registration)

- Self Employment £99.99 (includes, together with ledger entries, appropriate timing)

* All of these charges and services are optional on each occasion and chargeable per occasion, including per resubmission. Charges are also for normal situations - more complex situations may be quoted separately, although these are rare. Multiple services are included in these other charges, including most of our dealing with tax authorities on your behalf; statement outputs; support; suggested payments amounts; and any necessary software. Resubmissions are normally charged at the same rates.

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